TVR Car Accessories   [19]

Part No. TVR F0181


TVR Gear knob for all T5 gearbox TVRs. This gear knob has been precision CNC machined from a solid high grade aluminium bar. With black...

£29.99 ex VAT £35.66

Part No. TVR G0047

Wheel locking nut

TVR Locking Wheel Nut For Imola and Estoril Wheel Rims . Simply replace one lug nut/ bolt on each wheel. It is essential that you protect...

£44.00 ex VAT

Part No. TVR H0169A

TVR PAS Reservoir Cap Alloy

TVR Power Steering Reservoir Cap in alloy. Fits the ZF PAS reservoir bottle (as shown). Designed to be a compact size to fit all reservoir...

£52.00 ex VAT £57.95

Part No. TVR J0430

TVR Hand Brake Handle

Polished Aluminium TVR Hand Brake Handle with grub screws. To fit Late TVR Models, Check inside Diameter, 19.6mm.  Hand brake...

£34.95 ex VAT

Part No. TVR K0071A

TVR Water Cap Alloy Compact

TVR Water Cap in alloy to replace blue plastic cap. Compact in size to fit all models. Internals can also be re-built using our rebuild...

£55.99 ex VAT £69.99

Part No. TVR M1365

TVR Jump Start Plug Battery side.

TVR Jump Start Battery plug . fitted to the Body and goes to battery .

£39.99 ex VAT

Part No. TVR M1393A


TVR Battery Jump Leads . These TVR Jump leads (plug in / clip on) are designed specifically for the TVR Speed 6 and any TVR fitted with...

£33.00 ex VAT £47.99

Part No. TVR OFV8


Oil filler cap with V8 Logo engraved with a high machine polish finish. This is a replacement to the orange oil cap fitted on TVR S TVR...

£42.50 ex VAT £55.00

Part No. TVR PC1

Petrol Cap - TVR Upgrade

Fits Griffith and Chimaera models up to March 1999 & all Cerbera Models with steel black cap. Made from Aluminium with a fine polish...

£42.95 ex VAT £47.00

Part No. TVR PC3

Petrol Cap TVR Upgrade Part

TVR Fits Later TVR Griffith, Chimaera, Tuscan & Tamora with plastic fuel cap. This is a far superior replacement to the standard TVR...

£62.00 ex VAT

TVR Car Accessories   [19]

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