Relays & Solenoids   [13]

Part No. TVR M0124

TVR Fuel & Ign Relay

TVR Fuel pump relay (OE Bosch one used to be silver now Black in colour) This is the  correct relay with diode - Common faults...

£13.50 ex VAT £18.49

Part No. TVR M0225

TVR Flasher Relay

TVR Flasher Relay for all TVR models.

£17.99 ex VAT £19.99

Part No. TVR M0383

Relay 70ampTVR

TVR Relay 70 amp. This relay has 4 pins. Please do not confuse this relay with cheaper inferior units.

£12.50 ex VAT £12.99

Part No. TVR M0509

Relay Dim/Dip

TVR Head light relay, used for dim / dip / hazard and later cars fuel Relay (Brown). This relay has 5 pins.

£15.50 ex VAT

Part No. TVR M0599

TVR Solenoid 2 wire / 5 wire

TVR Solenoid for door and boot release. This is a 5 wire solenoid that can also be used to replace original 2 wire solenoid. Please note...

£24.99 ex VAT £27.99

Part No. TVR M0605

TVR Door Control Relay

TVR Door control relay - CDL  (under dash top).

£25.99 ex VAT £28.96

Part No. TVR M0643

Relay TVR Yellow

TVR Relay. Used for various items like cooling fans, horn, main beam, heated seats and air conditioning. Was part no. M0404. This is the...

£11.99 ex VAT

Part No. TVR M0778

TVR Relay Wash / Wiper

TVR Wash/Wiper relay. This relay has 6 pins. This part is OE German made. Was part No. M0227.

£18.95 ex VAT £27.99

Part No. TVR M1253

Solenoid Boot/Door

Solenoid for boot / door. Used in Tuscan-onwards. now Obsolete use part M0599 , you may have to add or remove the spring .

£125.00 ex VAT

Part No. TVR M1317

Fuel Pump Relay TVR

TVR Fuel pump relay for TVR Cerbera, Speed 6 models and Tuscan onwards. This relay has 6 pins and is the OEM German made part.

£28.99 ex VAT £37.88

Relays & Solenoids   [13]

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