Hoses & Tubes/Fittings   [78]

Part No. TVR 10023

Heater hose reducer 3000M

Heater hose reducer hose 3000M , Hose goes from big bore down to small bore from back of water pump to heater rail pipe.

£22.50 ex VAT £24.78

Part No. TVR 10122

Top radiator hose straight for 3000M low..

Top radiator hose straight from swirl pot tower to top of radiator for 3000M models with the low radiator and expansion tank layout , made...

£11.99 ex VAT £13.55

Part No. TVR 15285-10138

Coolant hose kit Late V6 M series (non..

TVR Coolant hose kit . Racetech Direct Classic Line bring this new hose kit for  Late V6 M series (non turbo) upright Rad only , 1x...

£191.00 ex VAT £199.95

Part No. TVR 15287/15298

TVR Hose kit 3000M Low Rad

TVR Hose kit for the 3000M series with the LOW rad ,3 part kit Made in silicone for modern performance and then rubber wrapped to give...

£136.00 ex VAT £146.00

Part No. TVR E0202

Water Rail Bleed Tap TVR

TVR Water rail bleed tap Cerb - For AJP V8 engines.

£5.50 ex VAT £6.95

Part No. TVR E2815

TVR Fuel Return 4 way Link

TVR Fuel 4 way return link for Cerbera models.

£4.70 ex VAT

Part No. TVR K0105

Water Feed Tube

TVR OE L Shaped Lower Water Tube mildsteel .Rover V8 early Serpentine engine . Has some light surface rust .

£37.99 ex VAT

Part No. TVR K0129

Y Piece

Y piece connector for cooling system (white plastic joiner), 10mm.

£2.99 ex VAT £3.95

Part No. TVR K0347

TVR Radiator Mount For Late Cars

TVR Radiator mount / grommet for late cars. Price per mount.

£1.95 ex VAT

Part No. TVR K0358

TVR Water Tank Swirl Pot

TVR Water Tank Swirl Pot.

£75.00 ex VAT £132.65

Hoses & Tubes/Fittings   [78]

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